Selecting a Color

Four bat houses representing the four paint colors

The success of your bat house depends on a number of factors, including exterior color. Years of research conducted by BCI confirms that painted or stained houses are "far more successful." The numbers on the bat houses above correspond to the regions on the map below (click for a larger version):


US map for four bat house color regions
Choosing the correct color can be a little tricky, as seen in the Dallas example below. We can help you determine the right color based on your zip code, so don't hesitate to contact us. Or, you can find your region by entering your city or zip here and looking for the average July high temperature.


Austin Region 3 95º - 100º
Dallas (Central,S,SW,W)
Region 3
95º - 100º
Dallas (N,NE,NW,S,SE,E) Region 2
85º - 95º
Houston Region 2
85º - 95º
West Houston Region 3
95º - 100º
San Antonio
Region 3
95º - 100º
Boston Region 1
< 85º
Phoenix Region 4

>= 100º

(Map graphic reproduced from The Bat House Builder's Handbook and colorized.)