Installing a Bat House

Back of bat house with steel-to-wood adapter installed


Below are links to PDFs that you can download, including:


Bat houses purchased from Austin Batworks will likely be used by bats when properly installed in a suitable location. Single-chambered bat houses are most successful when installed on the side of a home, barn, or other structure. Multi-chambered bat houses can go on a structure as well as a wooden post or steel pole. We created a step-by-step video detailing how to install your bat house on a wooden post. For steel pole installation, many of the beginning steps are the same. As pictured in the image above, steel-to-wood adapters will be needed and can be found at your local home improvement store.


If you would like assistance with a pole or post installation, we recommend contacting a fence installation company and sharing the mounting instructions with them. They’ll have the expertise and parts needed to help install a bat house for you.



Installing Your Bat House on a Building pamphlet cover with pdf link Installing Your Bat House on a Post or Pole pamphlet cover with pdf link