Installing a Bat House

Back of bat house with steel-to-wood adapter installed


Below are links to PDFs that you can download, including:


Bat houses purchased from Austin Batworks will likely be used by bats when properly installed in a suitable location. Single-chambered bat houses are most successful when installed on the side of a home, barn, or other structure. Multi-chambered bat houses can go on a structure as well as a wooden post or steel pole. We created a step-by-step video detailing how to install your bat house on a wooden post. For steel pole installation, many of the beginning steps are the same. As pictured in the image above, steel-to-wood adapters will be needed and can be found at your local home improvement store. We provide two steel-to-wood adapters with your purchase of Zent's Bat Condo.


Need Help? Check out The HandyBand Collective

We've teamed up with The HandyBand Collective for your installation needs! If you're within 20 miles of the Congress Avenue Bat Bridge, The Handyband Collective can install your bat house on a home, barn, or other structure for a flat fee of $270 (fee includes labor and materials). Pole/post installations are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Either way, simply fill out the New Gig Form on their website. Let us know if you need help choosing a location.

If you're outside of their service area, a travel fee may be arranged. Otherwise, we recommend contacting a fence installation company for pole/post installations, or checking to see if your local home improvement store has a list of approved vendors. Using the mounting instructions below, an experienced contractor should be able to get your bat house up and ready for its new residents.



Installing Your Bat House on a Building pamphlet cover with pdf link Installing Your Bat House on a Post or Pole pamphlet cover with pdf link