Austin Batworks' four-chambered bat box with foliage in the background

Four-chambered Bat House

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Our Elf Bats are for filling orders through the middle of January! If you would like to give someone a bat house for Christmas, we’re happy to send a brochure letting them know they have a bat house on the way!

Our four-chambered bat house weighs 23 lbs. and measures 31" high x 19" wide x 6" deep. Approximately 250 bats can roost comfortably in this house. Houses with at least three chambers provide excellent thermal gradients and can be installed on homes, barnes, structures, or poles. Multi-chambered homes tend to attract nursing colonies if located within 1/4 mile of water. Visit our Bat House FAQs page to learn more about bat houses, including how to build your own. For step-by-step installation instructions, see our installation video on YouTube. Contact us if you want to pick up your bat house and we'll waive the shipping. 

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