Pin of Sky Puppy wearing World War 2 goggles and an orange scarf to match the fur around his neck
Three enamel pins with colorful cardboard backing describing each bat character

Sky Puppy Enamel Pin

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Sky Puppy is now available in pin form! Sky Puppy is a Grey-headed Flying Fox from Australia. You can tell what kind of bat he is because of the orange floof of fur that grows around his neck. In this pin, Sky Puppy is flying right at you wearing his WWII googles and trademark scarf that matches his neck fur. 

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  • Enamel pin
  • Black nickel metal
  • 2" wide
  • 2 pin back styles: rubber black bat or locking
  • Upgrade to locking pin back for $1.50
  • Includes Sky Puppy's story printed on a keepsake card
  • Austin Batworks stamped on back
  • Designed with 100% joy by Austin Batworks